Matthew Gray Mastering

Matthew Gray Mastering

Studio Overview

Matthew Gray Mastering is a word-class mastering studio, the first in Australia by French designer Thomas Jouanjean. Matthew Gray Mastering uses new generation and vintage analog equipment, as well as some of the best of digital gear available.

Senior mastering engineer Matthew Gray’s ability to put the right finishing touches on any project has made him one of the most sought after mastering engineers in Australia.

AKA Music - The Producers Card Reward Benefits

(please read terms and conditions)

  • 1 Producers Points per song mastered
  • Master 10 songs for a single release, get 2 alternative masters free.

Studio Gallery

A Few Recent Clients

Giorgio Moroder, Skizzy Mars, Melanie Martinez, The Screaming Jets, Hillsong United, Stu Larsen…

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If you have any questions about this studio or would like to make a booking enquiry please call our team on 07 3851 4023 or fill out the booking form below.

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Matthew Gray Mastering
Unit 21, 1147 South Pine Road
Arana Hills Queensland 4054

Equipment List

  • Duntech Marquis C4000 floor standing monitors with crossover mods
  • Pass Labs X250 Class A/B power amplifier
  • Velodyne DD12 digitally controlled stereo sub-woofers
  • Dangerous Music Monitor with latest Chris Muth designed DAC
  • Michelangelo Custom Tube Mastering EQ
  • Neumann PEV-C vintage active ‘vinyl cutting’ mastering EQ’s
  • Neumann PEV vintage passive ‘vinyl cutting’ mastering EQ’s
  • Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 Class A Resonance analog mastering equalizer (modified)
  • API 2500 analog quad VCA bus compressor (modified)
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix valve (vari-mu) analog compressor (mastering edition) modified
  • Dangerous Master analog mastering console with M/S processing
  • Dangerous Monitor analog & digital monitoring console
  • Dangerous Insert Routing Switcher
  • Studer A807 ¼” 7.5, 15 or 30ips open reel mastering deck aligned & biased for Quantegy * GP9, 456 & RMGI 911 analog tape
  • Ampex ATR-102 ½” 15 or 30 ips open reel mastering deck fully rebuilt by Mike Spitz with Flux Magnetics heads & ARIA discrete class A electronics
  • Antelope Audio Pure2 Mastering A/D & D/A Converter
  • Forssell MADA-2 world class 2ch 24-bit 192kHz A/D & D/A converter
  • Cranesong Solaris 2ch Mastering D/A converter
  • Dangerous (Chris Muth) Monitor DAC
  • Weiss Gambit Series DS1-MK3 hardware Hi-Res Digital Compressor/De-esser/Limiter
  • Various AAX, VST & AU plug-ins
  • 2012 Mac Pro 12 core running Pro Tools and Sonic soundBlade with Lynx AES16e and RME HDSPe AES32
  • PC Intel Quad Core 3.4GHz running Pro Tools HD TDM & Plextor burners with Plextools XL CD error checking
  • ProTools Native, HD Native & HD TDM
  • Sonic Studio soundBlade SE
  • WaveEditor
  • SampleManager
  • DDP Creator Pro
  • OEM Matthew Gray Mastering DDP Player Software
  • Sony Pro-Codec
  • iZotope RX
  • Canare DA202 110 ohm digital audio cabling for interconnects
  • Dangerous Master analog routing console with M/S