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NF Audio
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We’re pleased that Nick Franklin, the brains behind NF Audio has agreed to be a partner of The Producers Card. We thought that you may want to know more about NF Audio and the man behind the brand!

Nick’s interested in music production and audio technology in general was piqued at a young age; recording his own and his friends bands in his parents garage in a small coastal town on the NSW mid-north coast.

It was evident that the electrical ins-and-outs recording equipment was of particular interest. In the early days, devoid of finances for guitar stomp boxes and the like, Nick turned to constructing pedals using his electrician father’s soldering iron, circuits he found on the internet and parts from Dick Smith Electronics.

By 2006 Nick had relocated to Sydney and turned both his music production skills and electronic equipment manufacture into gainful employment from a small workshop in the inner west, and a stint working for Turtlerock Mastering, one of the countries most respected and oldest mastering studios.

As an audio engineer Nick has worked with artists such as Peking Duk, Daniel Johns and Miley Cyrus, and firmly believes his hands on experience with audio equipment and understanding of the studio leads to better products as a manufacturer. Years, several studios and hundreds of pieces of audio equipment later, Nick is still a freelance music producer, studio owner and equipment manufacturer.

NF Audio is a manufacturer of bespoke, hand-made equipment for the audio industry, specialising in monitor control solutions for recording studios. NF Audio custom-builds bespoke solutions are designed when the features or quality an off-the-shelf product will not suffice. In addition to studio monitor controllers, Nick can design and build all standard analogue audio equipment including microphone preamplifiers, compressors, equalisers, mixers and other signal processors.

‘Our philosophy dictates that we use only high grade components and robust and reliable building techniques, but endeavour to keep our pricing competitive, even against mass-manufactured equipment. We also believe equipment should be beautiful to look at and feel great to use’. – Nick Franklin.


The Producers Card Benefits

  • Producers Points can be redeemed against full rate studio time to a maximum value of $249 per day.